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Source: Youtube

Lawrence, Gerald, Louise and Margot.

The Durrells Embarked on Even More Fascinating Adventures After Their Stay in Corfu


What would your ideal family vacation look like? If you are anything like the Durrells ⁠— the eccentric Indo-British clan at the focal point of the recently-launched PBS series, The Durrells in Corfu⁠ — the getaway will last four years, will take place in the Greek island of Corfu, and will involve hours-long brunches held in the shallow end of the sea, a lot of skinny dipping, and a whole host of other quirky activities.

But what happened to the Durrells after Corfu? Let's find out.

What happened to the Durrells after Corfu?

The four-year-long idyll came to an abrupt end in 1939, as the head of the household, Louisa received news about the commencement of World War II. Corfu was invaded in 1941, much later, the family packed up their suitcases and made their return to the place they collectively referred to as "The Pudding Island," the U.K.