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Source: Netflix

Turbo's Speech on 'Daybreak' Was One for the Books


While I'm still mourning the Walking Dead finale, there's a new post-apocalyptic show on my radar called Daybreak — it's a new drama-comedy that's based on a comic series by Brian Ralph. It follows a group of high schoolers who navigate post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, tackling dark, dangerous forces that no regular high school student should have to face. 

And if you didn't catch Turbo's latest speech on Daybreak, it was totally one for the books. 

Daybreak Episode 6 is predominantly told by Turbo (played by Cody Kearsley), according to Ready Set Cut. Turbo is the former quarterback of the high school football team, who sustained an injury that left him unable to speak. 

The episode starts out with Turbo reenacting the infamous mall battle using little Lego figurines, and instead of using the character's voices, the dialogue is presented via subtitles.