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Source: Netflix

Meet the Actor Who Plays Sam Dean in Netflix's Newest Post-Apocalyptic Series 'Daybreak'


Netflix’s newest series Daybreak features a group of Mad Max-esque teenagers trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world of zombie adults. While fighting off the undead and still navigating high school hierarchy in the form of gangs known as The Jocks, The Gamers, The Cheerleaders, STEM Punks, and more, protagonist Josh Wheeler is trying to find the love of his life, Samaira "Sam" Dean (Sophie Simnett) aka the most popular girl in Glendale. 

The Netflix series focuses on Josh trying to locate Sam after Armageddon, even leaving spray painted messages all over town hoping she’ll see them. So, who is Sophie, who plays the vibrant and well-liked Sam on Daybreak?