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Source: hbo

How Does Actress Dafne Keen From 'His Dark Materials' Stack Up to the Book's Lyra?


His Dark Materials is premiering soon on HBO, and if you're a fan of author Philip Pullman, then you know exactly what you're in for. If you aren't, however, let me give you a few hints: polar bears wearing headgear, and tons of mythological symbolism. Still not ringing any bells? The show is based on the works from the same dude who wrote The Golden Compass, and it follows the protagonist Lyra Belacqua, a young woman played by Dafne Keen. 

What else has Dafne Keen been in?

If the young actress looks familiar, it's probably because you've watched the best (and honestly, only actually good) X-Men film, Logan. She played the young clone of everyone's favorite Canadian-mutant-anti-hero as X-23. A badass little murderer with adamantium claws just like her pops, Hugh Jackman. She was excellent in that movie, which says a lot about her acting chops.