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Twitter Thread Explains Why 'Game of Thrones' Feels Like a Much Different Show Now


At one point, Game of Thrones was the most beloved program on television. And while it's smashing viewership numbers with its latest season, longtime fans are very disappointed with the way the series is ending.

In fact, many are calling Season 8 the worst in the show's history, lambasting each new episode as feeling "rushed" despite the longer run time and the actions of the characters feeling "unearned."

Source: twitter

After spending several years watching a big-budget program that is already primed to spawn a few spin-offs, people have become very acquainted with the characters and have certain expectations about the show's direction. While the showrunners and writer George R. R. Martin have done a fantastic job keeping viewers guessing and advancing the plot in satisfyingly surprising ways over the years, there's no doubt things have fallen off a bit in recent episodes.