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Source: YouTube

The Reason John Todd Hight Jr. Never Appeared on '16 and Pregnant' Is Harrowing


Season 4 of 16 and Pregnant captured many devastating life stories, though perhaps none as unsettling as Kristina Robinson's. 

The Texas-born adolescent met John Todd Hight Jr. in the spring of 2011. They only dated for three months, but the young woman spoke about the father of her first son, Lukas, with the utmost admiration during her appearances on the popular reality TV show. However, he never made it on-screen. What happened to Todd, an honorary cast member of 16 and Pregnant

John Todd Hight Jr. passed away before the filming of '16 and Pregnant' began.

John Todd Hight Jr. lost his life at the Galveston Beach, Tex. on April 30, 2011. 

He, Kristina, and another friend traveled to the location on a Saturday afternoon. Unaware of the fast-changing weather conditions, the group headed straight to the deep water. Incognisant of the red flag signs flying on the life coach stations, the group went on to swim around the most dangerous area, notes Starcasm.