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Source: HBO

A Refresher on What Happened to Uncle Benjen on 'Game of Thrones' — and Why You Should Care


For the most part, all the undead we've encountered in Game of Thrones seem pretty bent on destroying the living on either side of the wall, save for one: Benjen Stark. But if you've forgotten what happened to good ol' Uncle Benjen, we can't blame you. This show has been on hiatus for a minute or two, and TBH it was kind of confusing the first time around.

So here's what happened to Benjen — and why you should care:

The youngest of Ned's siblings, Benjen joined the Night's Watch after Robert's Rebellion, earning the rank of First Ranger. But then he disappeared without a trace in Season 1 shortly after Jon Snow took the black and he was presumed dead for the next several seasons.