Much of the Original YeahMad Cast Is Gone Only a Year After Going Viral

"Recently, there were conversations regarding the leadership of the channel, and as a result, many of the original team are no longer part of YeahMad."

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

May 21 2024, Published 12:09 p.m. ET

Some of the most popular YouTubers are going through the wringer right now. Digital series creator Watcher came under fire in late April 2024 after announcing a controversial new streaming platform that would have put much of their existing content behind a paywall. In late 2023, Lia Shelesh aka SSSniperWolf received backlash for publicly harassing other YouTubers and content creators, particularly when approaching John Patrick Douglass aka jacksfilms at his own home. Then there's YeahMad.

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If you've never heard of them, YeahMad is a YouTube channel that was first started by a group of Australian comedians back in 2023. They're known for producing comedic reaction videos, challenges, and games with each other. Although they weren't exactly groundbreaking, they did manage to garner over 2.08 million subscribers as of this writing. However, fans think the channel has already changed considerably after less than a year. What happened to YeahMad as of 2024? Here's what we know.

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What happened to YeahMad?

When the channel first launched back in January 2023, the original cast of YeahMad was comprised of seven people — Abby, Akila, Alan, Andrew, Matt, Sam, and Sath. They all went viral thanks to the success of YeahMad, with many fans praising the chemistry the original group had even if the content they were producing was pretty standard modern YouTube fare. But just as quickly as they rose in popularity, many of them have already moved on.

As of April 2024, just over a year after the channel started, five of the seven original cast members have already formally left the channel. Only Matt and Sath remain from the original cast. Many of them are still active on social media and have even posted vague statements regarding their departures.

Former cast member Alan Fang wrote on Instagram, "Recently, there were conversations regarding the leadership of the channel, and as a result, many of the original team are no longer part of YeahMad."

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That said, no official statement has been given as to why the original stars left the channel. However, fans have reacted negatively to these sudden departures and how the channel has been faring without the original cast.

On the r/yeahmadtv subreddit, one fan wrote, "If they at least provide a reason for their departures, then we might not like the reasoning, but at least [they'd be] transparent about the departure."

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Although the channel is still active with a brand new cast, people have criticized them when compared to the original comedians. In a recent video, one fan commented, "This just feels completely different at this point and not in a good way. The thing is that everybody in the old cast had something that made this show special."

They continued, "[The original cast members] are the legends that made the channel blow up. With these new people, this is going nowhere."

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