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Source: Instagram

Todd Herzog Is Sober — and Engaged!


Back in 2007, Todd Herzog walked away from Survivor: China as the winner, taking home a million dollars and reality television fame. But in the years that followed his win, he spiraled into alcoholism, making a very public (and embarrassing) appearance on Dr. Phil in 2013 about his drinking problems.

In the episode, he stumbled on stage, appearing so drunk he needed to be carried to his chair. That was the last time we saw him – what happened to Todd after that?

What happened to Todd Herzog? He claims the show's crew put him at risk before his appearance. 

Four years after Todd stumbled to the stage, he came out saying that the show's crew put him in that position, leaving him unattended in his dressing room with two bottles of vodka. He says that before going on stage, someone from the crew then gave him a Xanax to help "calm his nerves," which resulted in his appearance on the show.

The Dr. Phil show denied those claims, saying that they would never put their guests in danger.