"Golf Widow" Is Trending on TikTok and Many Women Can Relate

“On Wednesdays, I’m a golf widow. If you are with somebody that has golf as a hobby, then you know exactly how it feels and what I mean.”

Sarah Kester - Author

May 14 2024, Published 10:11 p.m. ET

Is golf causing a problem in your relationship? If so, you might be a “golf widow.” The term began trending on TikTok after a woman shared that she was in the golf widow club due to her fiancé’s affinity for clocking in hours on the course.

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Are you a golf widow? If your significant other likes to spend time playing golf, you might be. Keep reading to learn what this term means and how women can use it to their advantage.

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What is a "golf widow"?

A golf widow is a wife who spends much of her time alone because her husband is away playing golf. He may spend more time on the course than he does at home or at work.

The term was explained more in-depth in a TikTok video by user Allyssa (@allyssainthekitchen). “Golf widow era,” she captioned the viral clip, which shows her pouring a glass of wine. By May 14, 2024, the video had amassed over 65,000 views.

“On Wednesdays, I’m a golf widow,” Allyssa began. “If you are with somebody that has golf as a hobby, then you know exactly how it feels and what I mean.”

Allyssa explained that she got the term from her grandfather. He would joke that his wife was a golf widow because he would disappear for hours at a time. Now that her fiancé golfs every Wednesday in a golf league, she understands the term better.

“So basically Wednesday night, I’m riding solo,” she said.

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While her partner being busy used to annoy her, Allyssa has come to appreciate the time alone.

She even turns Wednesdays into a fun night for herself by eating whatever she wants, drinking wine, and doing projects around the house. “Nobody needs anything from me, except for myself,” Allyssa said before sharing that she will also use the night alone to finish a good book.

“Cheers and happy golf widow Wednesday,” she concluded the video.

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In the comments, many women shared some of the upsides of being a golf widow.

“Being a golf widow is my favorite night of the week!!” a user commented.

“My bf is in two golf leagues this summer and I’m already planning my girl dinners,” another user wrote.

A third shared that they are a golf widow on Monday nights. “For us it’s Monday nights! And I love it I get whatever I want for dinner make myself a drink put on my shows or read a book haha little self care night.”

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Someone else commented that it’s all fun and games until kids are part of the mix. “I loved being a golf widow! Until we became parents,” they wrote.

One woman even decided to join the league rather than be away from her partner. “Instead of being the widow, I joined the league.”

Some had a different reaction and found it inappropriate to joke about being a widow. “I’m an actual widow and like not cool to joke about it,” a woman commented. “Sooooo ya.”

Another user agreed and said, “You have no idea what it's like to be a widow and everyone not actually being one should stop calling themselves that.”

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