A Woman Has The Last Laugh When Someone Calls The Police On Her: "Who Would Hit Live Golf Balls At a Park?"

A woman who had the police called on her for hitting golf balls at the park has the perfect response.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

May 7 2024, Published 7:28 a.m. ET

Sometimes, common sense really fails to prevail when it comes to strangers. Because when one woman called the police on another woman for hitting golf balls in the park, she didn't consider that those balls might actually be completely harmless if they were to hit a person. A TikTok user by the name of @starringcourtny, whose real name is Courtney, shared a video where she described having the cops called on her by a woman at the same park.

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This woman would have just as easily approached Courtney and asked about the golf balls. But that would be far too easy and not at all drastic enough for the Karens of the world. And in Courtney's video, she explains that the woman who called the police was nearby while walking her dog and close enough for Courtney to hear the responding police officer talk to her and give her a citation for something else entirely. As Courtney says in her TikTok, isn't life lovely?

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A woman called the police on another woman for hitting golf balls at the park.

Courtney starts off her TikTok by explaining that a woman she didn't know called the police on her for hitting golf balls at the park. But a moment later, she explains that the golf balls in question are actually tiny foam balls. Sure, the woman might have actually been concerned about someone hitting real golf balls.

But the logical thing would have probably been to actually approach Courtney rather than get the authorities involved. Especially since this woman turned out to be painfully wrong.

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"When the officer pulled up, I just simply put a golf ball in his hand and he squeezed it and [he] said, 'it's foam,'" Courtney explains in her video. "I said, 'of course. Who would hit live golf balls at a public park?'" Which is honestly a solid question, but tell that to the woman who took it up on herself to call the police.

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But it gets better. After the police officer realized the golf balls were just foam balls meant for practice, he walked over to the woman who had called in what she believed to be a safety concern. And, according to Courtney in her video, the police cited that woman for not having her dog on a leash. If that isn't the definition of poetic justice, then I don't know what is.

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Commenters applauded the way the woman who called the police had karma served to her.

Whether the woman who called the police on the TikTok user meant well or was simply trying to stir up trouble, in the end, she received major karma in return. And plenty of the commenters were quick to point this out under Courtney's video.

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"Yess she fell in the hole she dug for you. PERFECT," one user commented under Courtney's video.

Another shared a similar sentiment: "This video has given me more hope about karmic retribution than anything in the world."

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Courtney wrote in the caption of her video that she was just looking for "a safe space" to practice her swing. While that should have been a public park, which is open to everyone, apparently, that wasn't necessarily the case for her.

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Luckily, the universe was on Courtney's side, however. And even if Courtney hadn't intended for the woman to get what was so clearly coming to her in the form of a ticket, that's exactly what happened.

Let's hope that woman and others like her (ahem, Karens) think twice before pulling a similar stunt. Even though that would be far too much to ask, and we all know it.

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