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Source: HBO

'His Dark Materials' Introduces Viewers to Dust, Gobblers, and More — So, What Are They?


[Warning: Spoilers ahead]

The highly anticipated series based on Philip Pullman’s books, His Dark Materials finally debuted on HBO. According to the network’s synopsis, the show “follows Lyra [Belacqua] (Dafne Keen), a brave young woman from another world. Lyra’s quest to find her kidnapped friend leads her to uncover a sinister plot of a secret organization, encounter extraordinary beings, and protect dangerous secrets.”

After watching the premiere episode, you may be confused about a few key components that make up this mystical world, like what is this mysterious Dust in His Dark Materials? While fans were only given a snippet of information regarding the importance of these mystical particles in the first episode, Dust will play more of an important role as the series progresses.