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Source: Youtube

If You Like Witchcraft, Fantasy, or Anything Occult-Related, You'll Love 'His Dark Materials'


Have you ever come across a movie about a young adolescent prophesied as the savior of the old world order, one whose side characters include a magical serpent and a pack of dogs clad in plate armor? 

If so, you might have seen Golden Compass, a disastrously unsuccessful movie dating all the way back to 2007. 

A forthcoming BBC series revolves around uncannily similar motifs. This led some viewers to wonder: is His Dark Materials a sequel to the Golden Compass? It couldn't possibly be?! 

It's time for a collective sigh of relief: His Dark Materials is not a sequel to Golden Compass. 

The 2019 BBC series and the 2007 movie loosely build on the same book trilogy, Philip Pullman's young adult novel series best known as the Golden Compass. 

However – and I can't emphasize this enough – Chris Weitz' full feature movie tried to condense the plot of three volumes into the time span of a mere hour and 53 minutes. Dark Materials aims to achieve the same in the course of three seasons.