The Honey Method Is Trending on TikTok — What Is It All About?

What exactly is the honey method all about? It's viral on TikTok right now in connection to the Law of Attraction. These are the details.

Stephanie Harper - Author

Jul. 20 2022, Published 2:38 p.m. ET

More people than ever are embarking on spiritual journeys as the Law of Attraction becomes more of a viral conversation. The Secret is a movie that was released in 2006, opening up conversations about what manifestation really is.

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Now, TikTokers are posting videos with tips and tricks regarding manifestation, boasting that their methods will bring you exactly what you want in life. So, what exactly is the honey method all about? These are the details.

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What is the honey method, and why is it trending so heavily on TikTok right now?

One of the most popular things people attempt to manifest into their lives is a chance at true love. The honey method is a currently popular method to use for those who want to be noticed by the people they’re crushing on. According to these TikTokers, all you have to do is follow a handful of easy steps in order to make it happen.

The honey method on TikTok starts with people adding a drop of honey to one fingertip before making a cross formation on their tongues. While doing this, they have to say the name of their crush. @ValerieFune is a TikToker who posted a video with a tutorial. She says, “One thing I suggest is to stay really positive when you say your affirmations. Don’t have any doubts or negativity. Make sure to do it with good intentions. Once you’re done, just let it go and that’s it!"

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What other manifestation methods does TikTok tout?

Interestingly enough, another viral method people use to manifest true love into their lives is called the whisper method. A woman named @AuraVibin posted a video with the tutorial, saying, “I’m going to teach you how to use the whisper method. But use this at your own risk because it does really work. Yes, you could just reach out to them via a text or phone call. But this is for my shy b---hes.”

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She continues: “This method is going to help you enter into someone’s dream world to pass along the message. Make sure that before you do this, you set the intention that you’re coming from the highest vibration and a space of love." She goes on to explain that you must picture your crush sleeping.

In this method, you're supposed to imagine yourself approaching them and whispering your intentions into their ear while they’re dreaming. You can talk about your desire to have a romantic relationship with them while you’re doing this. Supposedly, through this method, you’re diving into their subconscious state of mind.

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