A Standards Test Is Trending on TikTok and Getting Mixed Reactions

A new standards test is trending on TikTok and convincing many people that their standards for a potential partner are too high.


Apr. 15 2024, Published 9:52 a.m. ET

The standards test results showing how many men qualify.
Source: Keeper.ai

If you've been unlucky in love lately and are maybe even wondering whether your standards for a partner are too high, a new test that's trending on TikTok is here to confirm your worst fears. Users all over the platform have been discussing a standards test that purports to show you how many partners there are that meet all of your predetermined criteria.

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As the test trends across the platform, though, many now want to know more about what the test is and where it comes from. Here's what we know about the suddenly omnipresent TikTok standards test.

The logo for Keeper.ai.
Source: Keeper.ai
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What is the TikTok standards test?

The TikTok standards test comes from Keeper.ai and it gives users a range of criteria to determine how many people there are that they could date, given the criteria they laid out. The criteria include the age, gender, ethnicity, hair color, and eye color of your potential partner, as well as an acceptable height range and their marital status, among other considerations.

Many users on TikTok have input their own criteria and discovered that there is a depressingly small fragment of American society that could be potential partners for them. Even suggesting that your partner shouldn't be married eliminates plenty of men all by itself.

Naturally, these small slivers of the population have left many users despairing about their own romantic prospects, even though Keeper claims that isn't the point of the tool.

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"Are your romantic expectations in line with reality?" the company asks in its description of the tool. "Discover your chances of meeting your desired partner with our free calculator. Simply enter your preferences – age, ethnicity, religion, height, minimum income, and more — and let our calculator do the rest. Using data from the US Census Bureau and the US CDC, we'll tell you if your expectations are reasonable and give you clarity in your quest for love."

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Some TikTok users have questioned the tools accuracy.

Considering that the tool is giving many users such a small sliver of the population (often way less than 1 percent), many have suggested the possibility that the tool could be inaccurate or intentionally making people feel that their standards are too high. While Keeper claims that it's using data from government agencies like the CDC and the Census Bureau to generate its percentages, the tool doesn't offer users a way to verify that.

In its FAQ section, Keeper even admits that the tool might not be 100 percent accurate.

"While the Standards Calculator provides a percentage reasonably close to reality, it may not be 100 percent accurate. The tool is applicable only to the U.S. population," the section reads.

The ultimate goal of the app seems to be to help people readjust their own frames of reference so that they can be open to love in whatever shape it may come. Maybe hair color really isn't all that important if you make a meaningful connection with someone. At least, that's how Keeper wants people to look at things.

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