Mothers Are Getting Real With the 'What Pregnancy Did to Me' TikTok Trend

The world doesn't always talk about the raw and unedited reality of pregnancy and some women on TikTok aren't holding back in a new trend.

Alex West - Author

Apr. 11 2024, Published 9:14 a.m. ET

Two women during pregnancy
Source: TikTok/@tyreecegilligan; TikTok/emilyboazman

Some mommy influencers on TikTok have started a brand new (and very candid) trend. The mothers are showing what pregnancy really did to them, especially the physical transformations they saw throughout the nine months and after the birth.

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These videos feature some cute selfies and pictures of the women before their pregnancy. Next, they follow them up with how they looked during and after their pregnancy. Usually, the changes they feature show off weight gain and changes in their skin texture. Remember, pregnancy looks different for everyone and that doesn't necessarily need to be a bad thing.

Two women discussing changes they experienced during pregnancy
Source: TikTok/@outuu1stqueen; TikTok/@nakaanddom
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Women are honest in the 'What Pregnancy Did to Me' trend on TikTok.

"Pregnancy will humble you," wrote Tiktok user @amacarr1. She showed off gorgeous videos and photos of her life pre-baby. What followed was a series of makeup-free pictures, showcasing her bulging belly.

Another TikToker, @bukenzy7, started a conversation about "pregnancy nose" when she showed the change she saw in her face.

While her features, especially her nose, were once much more petite, pregnancy seemed to change her nose. Luckily, a doctor on TikTok, Dr. Nicole, cleared up what was really going on here. She attributed this change to a "huge increase in hormones."

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According to Dr. Nicole, blood vessels dilate while women are pregnant, which causes blood to flow heavily into certain areas, including the face. It can also cause migraines, bloody noses, and congestion. To clear up any concern, Dr. Nicole stressed that it isn't a permanent change and should go down just a few days post-partum.

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Another TikToker, @emilyboazman, showed a different side to the pregnancy process. Emily showed off her belly, but then she showed what happened after she gave birth. It noticeably shrank down, but more than just the size of a baby.

"Watch my stomach change after I lost BUCKETS of amniotic fluid," Emily wrote before noting that she thought her baby was just really big. Once her water broke, Emily explained, the fluid came "flowing" out of her. In her aftershot, she showed just how deflated her stomach had become.

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The candid look into pregnancy brought a wide range of reactions, including kind hearts and trolls alike. In @tyreecegilligan's comment section, many were debating the transformations in her skin and nose size. "Please sue, I don't know who or what you are gonna sue but please sue something," one person wrote.

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"Did you return to normal after? Now I’m scared to ever get pregnant lol," wrote a concerned woman. Another mother replied: "I been pregnant three times this never happened lol but if I ever even knew it was possible I’d have no kids today."

Apparently, this sort of thing has been happening to women for a long time. "Old wives tale but was the third a girl? They say a girl steals your beauty while pregnant," wrote one person.

Some people were annoyed with the idea that women need to maintain a certain adherence to a traditional beauty standard while pregnant. After all, these changes are completely natural. "And then people have the audacity to us we're glowing," wrote one person.

"They really don’t warn you about pregnancy nose with my daughter it was so bad and I didn’t even notice til after I had her," a mother shared in the comments.

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