Hearties, Rejoice! Season 8 of ‘When Calls the Heart’ Is Definitely Happening

‘When Calls the Heart Season 8 has been officially announced by The Hallmark Channel. When will it be available to watch? Here’s what we know.

Abi Travis - Author

Apr. 27 2020, Updated 1:47 p.m. ET

when calls the heart season
Source: Hallmark Channel

The Season 7 finale of the Hallmark Channel’s When Calls the Heart has officially aired, and fans have only one question: When are we getting a Season 8? Luckily for all the “Hearties” out there, the Canadian-American television drama series has officially been renewed for an eighth season. That being said, we’re living in rather uncertain times, so when are we actually going to be able to watch When Calls the Heart Season 8? Here’s what we know.

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Star Erin Krakow announced there’d be a ‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 8 in a special video.

In a special video from the Hallmark Channel, When Calls the Heart star Erin Krakow announced — from her living room couch — that Season 8 of the show is officially in the works. “We can’t wait to see you back in Hope Valley,” she said — and Hearties can’t wait, either!

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Source: Hallmark Channel
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Unfortunately, waiting is one thing we’re all definitely going to be doing when it comes to new seasons of our favorite TV shows. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has effectively shut down production on many shows and movies, we’re all getting pretty used to hearing that we’ll have to wait longer than usual to watch new stuff.

In the video, Erin says that When Calls the Heart Season 8 will be coming in 2021 — we don’t know exactly when in 2021 we’ll get our first episode of the new season, but that’s not too far away, right? 

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Who is Elizabeth going to end up with next season?

The Season 7 finale has left us all wondering: Who is Elizabeth going to end up with? Anyone hoping for a resolution to Team Lucas vs. Team Nathan love triangle in the finale was sorely disappointed — things are still as complicated as ever when it comes to Elizabeth and her two sort-of suitors. (Spoilers for the Season 7 finale incoming!)

when calls the heart season  nathan
Source: Hallmark Channel
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For a moment during the finale, we all held our breath to find out whether Nathan had been killed by a gunshot. Would Elizabeth be forced to endure another tragic loss? But no. Nathan appeared in the distance, much to viewers’ (and Elizabeth’s) relief. Seriously, hasn’t she gone through enough already?

Elizabeth ran straight into Nathan’s arms... while Lucas looked on, appearing especially forlorn. Anyone else experience flashbacks to the Season 6 finale, when Nathan looked on sadly as Elizabeth danced with Lucas? This show really tugs on the heartstrings, huh?

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In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kevin McGarry (who plays Nathan Grant) discussed how he thinks Nathan may have felt during the events of the finale episode. “I think Nathan is overjoyed [that Elizabeth ran to him], but at the same time, just under the circumstances, coming back into town, his mind is clearly on that he lost a partner, another Mountie … The embrace was great and I think what’s proven is there is something between those two characters, Nathan and Elizabeth.” Ya think?

when calls the heart season  finale
Source: Hallmark Channel
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As for what we can expect in the (eventual) Season 8, Chris McNally (who plays Lucas) hopes things get even messier. “I feel like I wouldn't mind having some more conflict because that’s fun to play with, so I would like for things to get messy before anything gets better,” he said. 

Erin Krakow thinks things between Elizabeth, Lucas, and Nathan will hopefully start to settle down a bit next season, though. “I think that you can only stretch a love triangle on for so long without it starting to feel a little hard on the fans,” she said. “I think that we'll probably start to figure things out a little bit more in Season 8.” Let’s hope so!

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