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Source: Netflix

'The Society' Season 2 Will Bring Back Fan Favorites and May Answer Some Burning Questions


Every so often, a new series creeps its way onto Netflix and quietly becomes a hit in its own right with the fanbase to back it up. And while fans wait for the Season 2 premiere of The Society, it has become clear that the mysterious drama did just that. The show is about what happens to a town full of teenagers when literally everyone else mysteriously goes missing and there is no way out of their newly created society.

Season 1 started off with what you would expect from a few dozen unsupervised teens — lots of sex, drugs, and fighting for control. Underneath it all, however, was the burning mystery of what happened to everyone else and whether or not the town of New Ham is the same place these kids had grown up or if it's an alternate reality. When The Society Season 2 premieres on Netflix, the mystery will return, but hopefully bring some answers with it.