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Source: WWE

It Feels Like the Big Show Has Been out of WWE Action for a Long Time, So Where Is He?


Injuries are the name of the game when it comes to the wild world of professional wrestling. Multiple televised programs every single week coupled with "dark" road shows, not to mention match rehearsals and strenuous workout routines, means that WWE superstars are always at risk of getting hurt. This is especially true for some of the larger athletes like the Big Show, who hasn't been seen in action for a while, so where has he been?

The WWE has taken a major toll on the Big Show and he had to get five hip surgeries.

For two years, the 7-foot, 383-pound WWE superstar was on the sidelines and not partaking in regularly scheduled beatdowns in the squared circle. Over the years, he's performed remarkable feats of athleticism for a man his size. Unfortunately, that took a toll on his body, and, quite frankly, it's astonishing how long it took for Paul Wight (Show's real name) to take such a long absence from wrestling due to a severe injury.