Battle Bots
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'BattleBots' Is Hoping to Get a Live Audience Back as Soon as Possible

Kori Williams - Author

Mar. 11 2021, Published 4:38 p.m. ET

The fighting competition show BattleBots can easily become one of the best things you ever watch. You get to watch people build things just to get them destroyed and possibly explode. There's something for everyone on this show. One of the best things about the show is the reaction from the audience. The show features a live audience and adds so much hype to the show. 

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Even though live studio audiences are currently a thing of the past, hopefully, that won't last too long as BattleBots is already hoping to get its audience back. On the tickets page of its website, it makes it clear that they're keeping track of COVID-19 to make sure it can start selling tickets to shows again as soon as possible. 

If you're someone who's hoping to see BattleBots in person soon, make sure you know exactly where the show is filmed so you can get your travel plans ready. 

Where is 'BattleBots' filmed?

BattleBots is filmed in Lakewood, California. In fact, the whole BattleBots company is based in California. But more specifically, each battle takes place in something called the BattleBox. This arena is literally a huge box with high walls on each side. The walls look like they're made of what looks like see-through plastic where everyone watches the events. The studio audience can be seen on each side.

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Battle Bots
Source: YouTube

But the commentators and competitors are also behind this wall. This is one of the most important aspects of the experience considering how dangerous things can be in the BattleBox. Things break all the time; things go flying through the air. There's also a bunch of fights where things catch on fire. So, yeah, you don't want to take the chance of getting hurt because something flew at your face. This also makes sure that everyone's focus can purely be on the bots and their fights. 

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How do you apply to be on 'BattleBots'?

If you're looking to head to BattleBots because you have a bot of your own you want to compete, you're in luck. The show is still taking applications for battlebots. Although, keep in mind there are a bunch of rules to follow when you build your bot. 

On the build and apply page, there are a few bullet points you'll want to pay attention to. And it provides a "How to Get on BattleBots" PDF so people know exactly what to do to make it on the show. It seems simple enough, but it's really not. 

Battle Bots
Source: YouTube

In this PDF, there are five points that you need to meet to apply to be on the show: 

  1. Build a bot that kicks ass.
  2. Build a bot that looks great.
  3. Build a bot that is original. 
  4. Assemble a great team. 
  5. Prove it.

To build the kind of bot that meets BattleBot requirements, you need to pay attention to a bunch of different requirements including weight and size needs. Plus, your team needs to be able to have a driver to take you all to victory. 

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