What Happened to Leslie After Gerry Chose Theresa? She's Probably Living a Much Better Life

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Dec. 1 2023, Updated 1:10 p.m. ET

Gerry Turner and Leslie Fhima on 'The Golden Bachelor'
Source: ABC

Gerry platonically greets Leslie on 'The Golden Bachelor'

The Gist:

  • Gerry Turner did not give Leslie Fhima the final rose on The Golden Bachelor.
  • She was deeply heartbroken but says she's doing better now.
  • In January 2024 Leslie returns to Costa Rica to host a yoga retreat.
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I was rooting for Leslie Fhima the entire time. How could I not want the woman who used to hang out with Prince, find love? This is the person who chose to have fun with her introduction to bland Gerry, when she donned a gray wig and a walker. Obviously her intent was to poke fun at the ages of all involved, not be ableist, and she pulled it off beautifully. Leslie is super cool. Gerry could never keep up with a woman like that. He needed a wishy washy Theresa and they can have each other.

After being rejected by Gerry during the season finale of The Golden Bachelor, Leslie broke down in a way the franchise hasn't seen in a very long time. In my opinion, Leslie's heartbreak was more painful because it was also fueled by decades of pain and suffering. She did not deserve to be strung along by a man who, according to The Hollywood Reporter, lied about an ex-girlfriend whom he fat-shamed while they were dating. After all this, where is Leslie now? She's probably doing great.

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Leslie Fhima
Source: ABC

Leslie Fhima from 'The Golden Bachelor'

Before we get into what Leslie is doing now after 'The Golden Bachelor,' let's dip into that last episode.

During the final date, Leslie could tell that things were a bit off between her and Gerry. Spending time with his family left her feeling more uneasy, which was made worse by the fact that he could not give her any answers by the end of the date. We can chalk it up to good television, except for the fact that he was pretty clear with Theresa. He later returned to share with Leslie that she would not be getting the the rose.

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Thankfully, Leslie did not let Gerry off easily. "Everything you told me was a complete lie," she told him. "I’m heartbroken again, but now I have to do it in front of the whole world." I do want to say one thing about Leslie's emotional state. Throughout this process she repeatedly said she did not want to get hurt again, but that is an impossible ask. It's also a bit manipulative because you're teeing the other person up for a guilt trip when everyone knows being sent home is part of the game.

Jesse Palmer, Leslie Fhima, and Gerry Turne
Source: ABC

(L-R): Jesse Palmer, Leslie Fhima, and Gerry Turner during After the Final Rose

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When she saw Gerry again during the After the Final Rose segment, Leslie said she was not quite as wounded as she was in the finale. "I’ve had a lot of time to process all this now, and I’m much better than I was, obviously," and added she was positive Gerry was giving her that rose. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that there are some promises made by Gerry, laying on a cutting room floor somewhere.

Leslie is doing much better now.

What Leslie got out of the show was an ability to see that love is possible again. In fact, she's even returning to the seen of the dumping crime in January. This time Leslie is hosting a yoga retreat in Costa Rica at the Tamarindo Diria resort. It honestly sounds like something out of The Bachelor, but with less shenanigans. If you've got $2750 to burn, you can go!

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Beyond the obligatory Golden Bachelor posts, Leslie's Instagram mostly consists of activities with her family and thrilling throwback photos from her time as a professional dancer/aerobics instructor. No offense to children and grandchildren, but I'm more interested in the reel she posted from the 1985 Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship. Evidently she and her partner David Gray won in the mixed pair division.

In an interview before their performance, Leslie and David were asked to describe their routine. She said it was very "fluent and consistent" but David's answer really nailed it. "I would say hot," he said while Leslie giggled. This is what I'm talking about. Leslie could never be happy with Gerry. She's hot. He's not.

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