What Is Former YouTube Sensation Lohanthony Up to Today? He Previously Renounced Being Gay

Kelly Corbett - Author

Dec. 5 2023, Published 6:36 p.m. ET

The Gist:

  • Lohanthony is a former YouTuber who was popular in the mid-2010s for his videos and effervescent and openly gay personality.
  • In 2020, he revealed in a bombshell that he no longer identified as gay and would pursue a life of "Christian celibacy."
  • Lohanthony is no longer active on social media, but a Lohanthony fan account recently provided an update on what the ex-content creator is up to.
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It’s been a minute since we last heard about former YouTuber Lohanthony (real name Anthony Quintal), who first went viral in 2012 for his video "Calling All the Basic B-----s.”

Lohanthony, a portmanteau of his first name and actress Lindsay Lohan's last name, quickly became a social media sensation for his sassy, loud personality and for being openly queer. His videos were so popular that he landed a hosting gig on the after-show for MTV’s Teen Wolf and in the AwesomenessTV web series Lohanthony & Rickey's Guide to Dating. He was a gay icon in his own right and loved by many.

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After taking a step out of the spotlight, Lohanthony returned to YouTube in 2020 with a video that stunned followers making many folks wonder what happened to him. Below, we discuss his spiritual awakening and where Lohanthony is now.

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In 2020, Lohanthony said he no longer identified as gay and would be pursuing a life of "Christian celibacy."

In August 2020, Lohanthony shocked fans when he posted a video titled "Jesus delivers - surviving sexuality (TW: SEXUAL ASSAULT)."

In it, Lohanthony proclaimed his newfound Christian faith and said he no longer identified as gay. In fact, he denounced his past life and said the homosexual relationships he once engaged in were misguided attempts to find God's love through same-sex relationships.

Equating them to past addictions, Lohanthony declared that moving forward, he would be pursuing a life of "Christian celibacy." He then promptly retreated from the internet once more.

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The days of Lohanthony's YouTube channel are long gone, but thanks to dedicated fans, there are still ways to watch his old videos as well as snippets of the ones he published after his spiritual awakening.

Many of Lohanthony's followers speculated his family sent him to conversion therapy. However, Lohanthony has never publicly spoken about what prompted him to change his views so abruptly.

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tiktok comment lohanthony
Source: tiktok

Where is Lohanthony now? New photos of him have surfaced.

In November 2023, the Lohanthony TikTok fan account @lohamandcheese announced in a two-photo slideshow that Lohanthony had joined the army. It's unclear where the owner of the fan account is getting this information from but the man seen in the photos is most definitely Lohanthony. In the caption, @lohamandcheese wrote, "I'm really sad it had to get to this. Anthony, if you're seeing this, we all love you."

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lohanthony tiktok screenshot
Source: tiktok / @lohamandcheese
TikTok comments lohanthony
Source: TikTok

In the comment section, users began to mourn the loss of Lohananthony as seeing him seemed like a decision his former self would have never made. "I cannot comprehend this information," said one person.

Another comment read, "I hope he's happy and that his true sweet soul isn't locked away somewhere inside of him. We love you Lohanthony."

Many users continued to note that he didn't look as happy as he was during his heyday in the mid-2010s. One user, nodding to his once over-the-top personality wrote, "this isn't the serve we meant."


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