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Source: Four Loko

Four Loko Just Created the "Hardest Seltzer in the Universe"


Calling all party people: Four Loko just officially broke its way into the hard seltzer ~biz~ with what the brand is referring to as "the hardest seltzer in the universe."

And while you probably feel like you've just been transported back to 2010, you're also probably curious as to where you can buy Four Loko Seltzer. So stay tuned, and prepare for a really solid end-of-the-year rager (and for a major throwback).

This is what you can expect from Four Loko Seltzer:

As you probably imagined, Four Loko's hard seltzer has a much higher ABV than that of other brands — according to the Four Loko website, theirs boasts a whopping 12 percent alcohol content.

For a little frame of reference, Truly and White Claw contain about 4 or 5 percent ABV, meaning Four Loko contains about triple that amount. Really though, I'm not surprised.