Where to Find All of the Spirits in 'Spiritfarer'

There are 12 different spirits available in 'Spiritfarer,' and the player has to help all of them to complete the game. Here's where to find them.

Sara Belcher - Author

May 7 2021, Published 4:38 p.m. ET

Source: Thunderlotus

The 2020 indie game Spiritfarer is a favorite for many. Following newly-appointed spiritfarer Stella as she helps various spirits make peace with their lives coming to an end and pass over to the other side, the game tackles life, death, and the emotions that come with them in a way that is sure to make players emotional — and want to play more.

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To complete the game, players have to help all of the spirits located throughout the map pass through the Everdoor, essentially moving on and accepting their death. There are 12 spirits found across the map. Here's where to find each one.

Gwen in 'Spiritfarer.'
Source: Thunderlotus
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Here's where to find the 12 different in 'Spiritfarer.'

Currently, there are 12 different spirits available in various locations around the map that Stella can help bring to the Everdoor. In the game, everyone starts with Gwen, whom the player meets at Alt Harbor. It's assumed Gwen and Stella know each other prior to their meeting at Alt Harbor.

Here is where players can expect to find the rest of the spirits:

  • Atul is Stella's paternal uncle and can be found at Barkensheim Creek.
  • Summer is a spiritual snake and can be found in Hummingberg.
  • Alice the hedgehog can be found at Mount Toroyama.
  • Astrid the lynx will be located at Bottom Line Corp.
  • Giovanni, the lion and Astrid's husband, is found in Loneberg.
  • Gustav the art-loving bird is located at Furogawa.
  • Bruce and Mickey, the tough brother duo, are found on Southpoint Docks.
  • Buck the basilisk is at Hikarishima Lighthouse.
  • Elena the dog can be found at Crow's End Inc.
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Stella, Atul, Astrid, and Giovanni in 'Spiritfarer.'
Source: Thunderlotus
  • Stanley the mushroom can only be grown with a mystery seed.
  • Lily, Stella's younger sister, will present herself on Stella's boat once the player has helped enough spirits pass through the Everdoor.

Many of these spirits can't be unlocked until other skills have been earned, which requires helping some spirits pass through the Everdoor. Unfortunately, even if you don't particularly like a certain spirit on Stella's boat, you still have to help them pass over.

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There are three more spirits expected to be added to 'Spiritfarer' by the end of 2021.

In addition to these spirits that you can currently find throughout the map, Thunderlotus announced there would be three more spirits added to the game by the end of 2021.

In a development roadmap for the year, the team outlined the new spirits players will see added to the game in two more updates. Two of these spirits will be added as part of a new island. 

Beverly will be coming to Oxbury in the summer. As Stella's old neighbor, the bird-like spirit will join the ship and reminisce about the past with our Spiritfarer. 

Daria and Jackie are two more spirits who will be added to the game during its fall update. Their introduction comes with a new, currently unnamed island. Jackie is an overworked caretaker at the hospital on the island, while Daria is his primary patient. Both will join your boat with their own journeys.

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