Here's Where You Can Livestream the Area 51 Raid to Catch All the Alien Action

Lizzy Rosenberg - Author

Sep. 20 2019, Updated 1:10 p.m. ET

If you've gone on the internet in the past several months, you've probably caught wind of the Area 51 raid. It's supposedly happening on Friday, Sept. 20, and it's either going to be wildly interesting, or incredibly disastrous. Maybe both.

If you aren't planning to attend, though, here's where to livestream the Area 51 raid. Regardless on the success of the raid, it's bound to be entertaining.  

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Don't get me wrong — partaking in the Area 51 raid definitely sounds like a worthwhile experience. Even if nothing is found, it sounds like it's going to be a grand old time. Arby's will be selling food from a limited-edition menu at the raid's base camp, and Bud Light is sponsoring a nearby alien-themed festival. It'll be weird, but fun nonetheless.

If you're trying to celebrate from across the country, though, you can livestream it from a number of YouTube accounts, so that makes things easy.

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Here's where you can livestream the Area 51 raid to catch all the alien action.

Make your way to LDG Station and Isaiah Photo's YouTube pages — according to Newsweek, they're two of the main accounts streaming the raid. Thousands of people have tuned in thus far, so it sounds like things might be getting interesting.

On the other hand, one video experience brand called Area 15 is also livestreaming the raid. So, that's another option if YouTube isn't working out for you.

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Other sites are posting live updates if streaming is out of the question.

If you're at work, make your way to Heavy, Independent, or Evening Standard for live updates on the event. Both are consistently making sure to post relevant tweets, photos, videos, and any news regarding the raid.

Apparently, thus far, there haven't been too many findings, and police have barricaded the base a mile from the gate. They have police dogs, according to Heavy, so if you're there, be on the lookout.

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Even if nothing comes of Area 51, the memes are great.

There is definitely no guarantee that any of these alien hunters will find anything during this raid, and like I said, police are detaining alien hunters about a mile from the base camp's gate. So, chances are it might end up being a flop.

If all else fails, though, definitely make sure to check out all the memes stemming from this phenomenon, because they're 10 out of 10.

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Maybe you're at work today, or you might simply live across the country from the Area 51 base camp in Nevada. Either way, keep in mind that you can still livestream it all (because the internet is awesome) so definitely make sure to tune in at some point or another. I'm sure things will be interesting, regardless if they find anything.

Oh, and once again, if all else fails, cherish the fact that all the memes that come from this are going to be seriously stellar.

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