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Source: Instagram

Here's Where to Watch the 'Mad About You' Reboot... 20 Years Later


It's been 20 very long years since we were #blessed with the lovable couple Paul and Jamie Buchman (played by Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt, respectively), but fortunately for us, there's a reboot of Mad About You upon us! That's right, the revival to the 1990s sitcom is finally here, and now, fans are curious where to watch it. Scroll down for everything we know about how to watch the Mad About You reboot!

Where can I watch the Mad About You reboot?

The limited reboot series of Mad About You is only going to air exclusively on Spectrum's On Demand platform, even though it was previously on NBC all those years ago. That's right, you can't watch the series on live television or Netflix or Hulu, but instead only on this TV station's On Demand platform.

The hard part? You have to use Spectrum as your internet provider to have access to this. Unfortunately, Spectrum isn't even available as a cable and/or internet provider everywhere. Who knew it'd be so hard to watch?