Alyssa McKay Uses Her Diss Tracks to Hold Other Creators Accountable (EXCLUSIVE)

Sara Belcher - Author

Mar. 19 2021, Published 5:48 p.m. ET

Alyssa McKay
Source: Instagram

Between her rap battles, diss tracks, and mean girl POV videos, TikTok star Alyssa McKay has used her creativity to grow her following. With more than 7 million followers on TikTok and 820,000 on Instagram, this influencer uses her platform for comedic good. But who is Alyssa really?

But who better to talk about Alyssa McKay than the TikTok creator herself? Alyssa spoke exclusively with Distractify about her content, her platform, and her loving boyfriend.

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Who is Alyssa McKay? This TikToker started on (EXCLUSIVE)

Alyssa began her career as an influencer when she was still in high school, making lip-syncing videos when TikTok was still just

"A lot of people who were on the app were young kids, so I think it was pretty easy to get a following if you were older and you could do cool transitions," Alyssa said. "Once it turned into TikTok, it like exploded into creativity and the kind of content that was on was no longer accepted."

alyssa mckay
Source: Instagram
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But the transition to TikTok is what really helped her accounts pop off. With the expectation to create something new and different on the app, Alyssa started doing her mean girl POV (point of view) videos, creating her snobby rich character, Lyss.

Even if you're not familiar with Alyssa's original characters, you'll probably recognize her Mean Girl Anthem (starring Lyss, of course). Alyssa said these videos easily brought her hundreds of thousands of followers a week.

Sometimes, she said she get comments from people who are convinced she must be like Lyss in real life.

"Personally, I take it as a compliment, because it means I'm doing my job as an actress," she joked. "It's flattering for me, but I'm very much not like that."

Alyssa is also known for her diss tracks and rap battles. While the rap battles are often done with her friends she can't collaborate with in person, she's not afraid to make a diss track about another creator who she thinks is abusing their platform.

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"There are some people that don't really like me because... I was like I'm going to call you out because you're doing something you're not supposed to do," she said in reference to her diss tracks. "There were things happening in the influencer sphere that I just wasn't OK with... I know a lot of the stuff that happens behind the scenes and for me, it's really important that I'm honest and do the right thing and the privilege that I have, being an online personality and such."

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Who is Alyssa McKay dating? She met her boyfriend Levi Underwood on TikTok.

Alyssa has been dating fellow TikTok star Levi Underwood since 2019, supporting each other as they build their platforms. These two Oregon natives actually met because of social media.

She says she and Levi met because she knew of Levi's older brother, Jesse, who had a fairly large following at the time.

"I saw [Jesse] lives in Oregon, and that he has a brother who lives in Oregon," she said. "Me and Levi both had around 700,000 followers and  I was like we should collab."

alyssa mckay boyfriend
Source: Instagram
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But sparks clearly flew between the two shortly after meeting, because it wasn't long before they made their relationship official. 

"We ended up dating like a week later, and we've been together for a year and a half now," she said.

Having a relationship that's very online isn't always easy, but Alyssa says things have been fairly smooth sailing for the couple. The only time they had any drama was when she posted her rap battle videos with fellow TikToker Willy Wonka.

"They were a little flirtatious, that was the point. We were trying to throw everyone off," Alyssa said. "And a lot of people were like 'Her boyfriend deserves better, she's a cheater,' all of these things. My boyfriend is friends with Duke, they know each other. We all planned this... That was the only time there were any issues with it being public, but it didn't affect our relationship in any way."

What's Alyssa working on next? You'll have to follow her on TikTok @alyssamckayyy to find out.

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