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Source: Netflix

Joe Finds Love in Season 2 of 'You' (SPOILERS!)


Season 2 of the Netflix original You introduces the new object of Joe's affection: Love Quinn. Yes, in a not-so-thinly-veiled metaphor, Joe falls in love with a woman named Love. 

And, spoiler alert: she's just as crazy as he is.

You know Joe as the charming-yet-incredibly-crazy protagonist/antagonist, but who is his new leading lady? Here's what you need to know about her. 

Who is Love Quinn on Season 2 of You? The role is played by Victoria Pedretti.

The Haunting of Hill House actress Victoria Pedretti was cast as Love. While her list of acting credits is short, she's landed quite a few major roles over time. In Haunting of Hill House, Victoria was cast as Nell Crain and Dani Clayton. She also had a role in the Golden Globes-nominated Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood as Lulu.

Her first two acting gigs before these roles were in the short films Sole and Uncovering Eden, respectively.