Marcus on 'Will & Grace' Could Be Grace's Baby Daddy

Marcus on 'Will & Grace' might not end up with Grace, but he could have a bigger role as her baby’s father as the series comes to a close.

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Apr. 15 2020, Updated 5:02 p.m. ET

Source: NBC

It wouldn't be Will & Grace without the title characters being confused about their life decisions. In the Season 11 premiere, both Will and Grace expressed concerns about their respective futures and whether or not kids will play a role in either of theirs. 

And after Grace returned home from Spain after spending time with the mysterious Marcus, fans may be wondering who Marcus is and if he will play a big role this season.

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Who is Marcus on Will & Grace?

Marcus was first introduced in the Season 10 finale and it could have been the last fans saw of him. However, if he is the father of Grace’s baby, then he might be here to stay — if only to be there for Grace and the baby. 

Source: NBC
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In case you need a quick recap, Grace met Marcus while she was in Spain in the Will & Grace Season 10 finale. She decided to live in the moment and do something for herself for once. Apparently, this meant having a fling with him and, potentially, a Greek construction worker too. There probably won’t be much time this season for Grace to wonder who the father of her baby is, though.

Right now, Marcus appears to be the father of Grace’s baby with very little doubt. While it would have been very Will & Grace for him to pop up when she's eight months pregnant, unbeknownst to him, it looks like he will remain in the picture as long as she wants him to. It's still unclear if they will have a romance to go with the pregnancy, but there's still plenty of time for that this season.

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You might recognize actor Reid Scott from his role on Veep.

Marcus isn't a permanent cast member on Will & Grace, and the actor who plays him, Reid Scott, is plenty busy with other projects at the moment. Reid is a longtime Veep cast member and he’s now also on the CBS All Access crime dramedy Why Women Kill. Because of his otherwise busy filming schedule, it’s hard to say if Marcus will remain a fixture this season or if he will leave after an awkward reunion with Grace.

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So, who is Grace's baby daddy?

At the start of the Oct. 24 Season 11 premiere, Grace confided in a woman on the subway about her pregnancy before she had the chance to talk to Will about it. At the time, Grace didn't seem thrilled about the idea of having a baby when she wasn't mentally prepared to do so. Needless to say, this pregnancy wasn’t planned.

"The timing is so bad," she told the unsuspecting woman on the subway. "I was going to do so many great things with my life. I was going to watch so many shows."

Just because Grace isn’t ready for a baby, however, it doesn't mean she isn't going to keep hers. When she told Will about it later in the episode, he assured her that she would make a great mother and she seemed more or less sold on the idea.

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Source: NBC

If Marcus doesn’t have a larger role to play in Grace’s life, then she could be left raising her baby alone. And, as longtime Will & Grace fans know, that wouldn't be unlike the way the original run of the series ended. The show originally ended with both Will and Grace growing apart as parents and not reconnecting until their kids met in college.

The reboot could end with them both becoming parents, but raising their kids together, in a way. Even if Will and McCoy have a baby together like it seems they soon will, this could all be a way to end the series the right way and satisfy fans who weren't thrilled about the way the show left things originally.

Watch Will & Grace on Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. EST on NBC. 

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