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Who Is Marie Osmond Married to Right Now? A Look at Her Relationship Timeline



Sure, Marie Osmond may have just celebrated her 60th birthday, but it's safe to say that she's got the energy of a woman in her 30s. The TV host, actress, singer, writer, and philanthropist has been doing it all quite effortlessly, and now, with a successful 11-year Las Vegas residency under her belt, she's not showing any signs of stopping anytime soon. 

As her career has been soaring to new heights, she's also been happily married for the past eight years. But who is she currently married to? And what does her relationship timeline look like? If you're as curious about her love life as we are, do read on.

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She once dated Erik Estrada.

She's been pretty open about the fact that she dated often, claiming that she was never a "saint." She said: "I've dated a lot of people and I never really publicized it."

However, she revealed during a Q&A on Watch What Happens Live that she once dated Erik Estrada, calling him a "very nice guy." After she confirmed this, she added that most people weren't aware because they "just never talked about it."

She also had a relationship with Andy Gibb.

While on The Talk, she opened up about her experience dating Andy Gibb, who was battling drug addiction at the time. 

She explained: "He kept calling me, well we had known each other a couple of years, and were dating. One night he kept calling me and calling me. He was obviously not well. I probably could've done it better but I just said, 'we're done.'"

She continued: "I felt really bad because it was something I should have done in person, but it was just enough and it was breaking my heart to see what he was doing to himself." 

She didn't confirm when they dated, but it was most likely during the late '70s.

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She almost married Jeff Crayton when she was 19.

At the time, Jeff was an acting student from Brigham Young University. He and Marie got engaged in 1979, but it lasted for two months before they called it off. Not many details are known about their relationship, but Marie was only 19 while he was 23. 

Marie got married to Stephen Lyle Craig in 1982.

She and the Binghamton Young University basketball player had their ceremony, which included over 4,000 guests, at The Salt Lake Temple. They also had one son, Stephen James Craig, in 1983. But by 1985, Marie filed for divorce after trying to reconcile their differences.

Her family's representative, Ron Clark, said: ''Osmond and her husband have been in a reconciliation period for the past six months. It's actually been at least their second reconciliation.''

Marie got married for a second time to Brian Blosil.

Not long after she divorced Stephen, she met record producer Brian Blosil. And in 1986, less than a year after her divorce was finalized, she and Brian got married. Together, they had two children (Rachael Lauren and Matthew Richard) and adopted another five (Jessica Marie, Michael Bryan, Brandon Warren, Brianna Patricia, and Abigail Olive May). 

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But sadly, this marriage also came to an end. When Marie was struggling with postpartum depression in 1998, she and Brian briefly separated, but they officially split up in 2007.

They released a joint statement that said: "Though our marriage is ending, we continue to have a very amicable relationship. Our marriage has always been a faithful one, and neither of us is assigning fault for the divorce."

Who is Marie Osmond married to now?

Four years after her marriage to Brian, Marie remarried her first husband, Stephen. Over 26 years after their divorce, they held a small ceremony at the Las Vegas Nevada Temple. She even wore the same dress from their first wedding.

While discussing her second marriage to Stephen, she said: "Nothing is an accident. I am a spiritual person. So [I believe] God has his timing.”

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She revealed that she never wanted to get married again after her second divorce, but after reconnecting with Stephen through their son, she had a change of heart.

She said: “The thing about a second marriage is that you realize things you thought were so important, aren’t. I love being with my husband. He is the sweetest man I know. He lives to serve and really listens to people’s needs.”

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