Are We Finally Going to Find out Who the Hacker Is on WWE 'SmackDown'?

The "hacker" storyline has been keeping WWE fans guessing for sometime now, but just who is the superstar wreaking havoc on 'SmackDown'?

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Sep. 8 2020, Updated 1:57 p.m. ET

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Source: WWE

One of the WWE's most prominent storylines right now is the "hacker" that's been causing a series of glitches and overall mischief for the organization's superstars. This mystery computer whiz's most recent act of mayhem was the reveal of who was behind Otis' Valentine's Day Massacre: the big lug's heart was broken by none other than Sonya Deville.

And while the identity of who sent the text message to Otis' phone that fateful night was revealed on SmackDown, whoever the hacker is was not.

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Apparently, tonight's the night where viewers will know for sure exactly who this hacker is. And while it could potentially be just about anyone on the WWE roster, folks are pretty sure that they've narrowed down who is behind all of the digital carnage: they think it's either Mustafa Ali or relative newcomer, Killer Kross.

Here's why the hacker might be Mustafa Ali.

Superstars are always rocking visuals that are very particular to their characters. The blue light scheme is a huge part of Mustafa's aesthetic. Plus it's kind of undeniable that his mask is a pretty big clue as to the hacker's identity — Ali wears a mask coming out to the ring and the hacker's currently behind a "mask" as well. The only trouble is, if the WWE is indeed making Mustafa Ali the hacker, they're not being very subtle about it. The visual hints are extremely obvious.

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Mustafa Ali is one of the more intriguing untapped talents on the WWE's roster, as well. He's got a character that's undeniably all his own, and he could easily play a heel or face in the organization. From the looks of the "hacker" storyline and how much emphasis the WWE is putting on it, whoever is revealed to be the man or woman behind the curtain is definitely being primed to be a big star.

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The "chaotic good" nature of the hacker means they're also being billed as a sort of anti-hero, and that particular brand of superstar always tends to do really well. Some of the WWE's most famous wrestlers, like Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock, weren't your typical "faces" in the organization — they were just huge personas who weren't afraid to get their hands dirty in order to become the champ and stay the champ.

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Heck, even the Undertaker, who's one of the most beloved characters in pro-wrestling history can't exactly be described as either a "good guy" or a "bad guy", so whoever this hacker is, he's definitely being billed as a force to be reckoned with in the WWE. But, as we all know, that could all change very rapidly depending on the crowd's reaction to the superstar. 

Here's why it might be Killer Kross.

KK's fairly new to the WWE, but visual "glitches" and interruptions are a big part of his schtick, plus he's got a really intense vibe about him. It's undeniable that the man has an insane work ethic.

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The only thing, though, is that the aesthetic of the videos themselves don't really suggest Killer Kross is behind them, but fans have been speculating for some time he'd be getting a big push soon, so why not involve him in the hacker storyline?

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Who do you think the hacker is? Guess we'll find out April 10 at 8 p.m. ET on FOX when, presumably, the WWE will reveal their identity!

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