It Looks Like Linda Was Murdered on 'Blue Bloods,' So Who Killed Her?

Anna Quintana - Author

Apr. 8 2021, Updated 4:17 p.m. ET

During the Season 8 premiere of Blue Bloods, it was revealed that Danny Reagan's wife, Linda, had died in a helicopter crash. The ER nurse had taken some time off to be a stay-at-home mom but had decided to return to work.

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While her unexpected death was a blow to fans of the CBS series, viewers were especially upset that the crash was not show on the show. "Seriously???  You cannot kill off Linda and just casually mention it in a therapy session! WE DEMAND DETAILS, TEARS, A FUNERAL," one fan tweeted at the time. 

Now, it is being hinted that Linda did not die not an accident, but was actually murdered. 

So, who killed Linda? 

On the April 5 episode of Blue Bloods, Danny's long-time enemy Luis Delgado (played by Lou Diamond Phillips) taunted the NYPD detective and suggested Linda was murdered, just like his wife.

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danny blue bloods
Source: CBS

"First your house burns up and then a chopper goes down — that’s some pretty bad mojo you carry around," Luis told Danny, who does not have the best relationship with the cartel. 

Donnie Wahlberg, who portrays Danny on the show, also hinted there is more to Linda's death. "Linda’s been gone, and nobody really thought, ‘Hey, maybe there’s more to this than we thought,'" he told Parade. "It wasn’t until Luis Delgado came along that he raised the possibility that, ‘You poked the bear, and there are consequences to be paid for that.’ He didn’t quite say it in that way, but I think we may discover that the burning down of the house was not the end of it. That Danny did provoke revenge." 

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Well, Blue Bloods fans finally got their answer on the April 12th episode titled, "Common Enemies." Turns out, Linda was murdered by Jose Rojas (Danny Trejo) — and Danny and Luis worked together to bring him down. 

"We both want Jose Rojas. He’s responsible for the murder of my wife and of yours," Luis told Danny. "They call him ‘'he clam' because he never talks. No one who works for him talks either."

However, Danny and Luis disagree when it comes time to turn him in. Luis wants to just kill Jose, but Danny opts to arrest him and charge him with the murders. 

"I hope that consoles you when you’re watching the trial and all his high-priced lawyers paint him as the victim," Luis told Danny, seemingly implying Jose might be a free man once again. 

linda blue bloods
Source: CBS
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At the time of Linda's death, actress Amy Carlson, expressed some disappointment about the way she was written off the show. "I feel badly that she dies the way she dies," she said at the time. "I did not know they would do that, I was surprised. I wouldn't have done that."

So, this could be a way to give fans the closure they wanted. 

Will Danny find love after Linda? 

While Danny is obviously still grieving the death of his wife, many fans are hopeful he will get back in the dating pool. However, it still might be too soon, according to Donnie Wahlberg himself. 

"I think the door’s open for Danny to move forward, and I definitely don’t want to rush personally. I don’t want to skip over the healing process, and I don’t think the audience should either. I think it would be a disservice to them for Danny to just show up in a nightclub with a new girl or show up at the house," Donnie explained. 

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who killed linda blue bloods
Source: CBS

"Absolutely, it has to be the right person. I’m not precious about Danny, but I am precious about the audience of Blue Bloods. They’re loyal and dedicated fans, and I don’t want to do a disservice to them and their loyalty throughout the years. It’s bad enough that Linda is gone. They were heartbroken, and nobody more than me."

Watch Blue Bloods Fridays at 10 p.m. on CBS. 

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