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Calling Every 'All American' Fan — It Was [SPOILER] Who Killed Tyrone



Season 2 of All American featured a handful of unexpected twists and turns. 

In one of the most selfless and heartwarming moves to be captured on the show, Coop (Bre-Z) decided to cover up for somebody else and make the others believe that it was she who killed Tyrone (Demetrius Shipp Jr.). 

However, despite her best efforts, the truth eventually came to light — in a plot twist nobody could have anticipated in advance. So, who killed Tyrone on All American

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Who killed Tyrone on 'All American' is someone no one expected.

Tyrone made his much-dreaded return to the streets in a previous All American episode titled "Protect Ya Neck." Determined to torment his opponents — and just about anybody who crossed his path — the gangster readied himself to take bloodied revenge. 

Meanwhile, Coop was busy trying to improve her relationship with Patience (Chelsea Tavares). After a promising start, things had taken a bad turn. Her jealousy flared up once again, leaving Patience with little choice but to cool it off. 

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In "Crossroads," we watch Tyrone return to the scene with a full force, successfully conducting a lethal attack against Spencer (Daniel Ezra). He shoots the young football player, thereby putting his entire life at risk. 

Rushed to the hospital, Spencer has to choose between his career dreams and his safety. After much deliberation, he chooses the latter. But just before his surgery, he warns Olivia (Samantha Logan) about the potential ramifications of the horrible accident, begging her to stop Coop before she tried to do anything stupid. 

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However, Spencer's intervention comes way too late. Olivia fails to reach Coop, who seeks help from Cliff (Corey Reynolds). Unfortunately for all parties involved, he is more than ready to work out how to take down Tyrone once and for all. 

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"The Art of Peer Pressure" sees a brand new character step on the scene, and unlike the naive and clumsy youths, she knows how to get things done. 

Brandon's (Jefferson Reid) and Shawn's (Jay Reeves) mom isn't here to fool around. Ruth (Bernadette Speakes) grabs the gun the family keeps for emergencies, makes her way to Tyrone's humble abode, and she carries out the deed Coop, Cliff, and co. have been meaning to do for a long time. It's she who shoots the evil criminal. 

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However, Ruth's vengeance ends up achieving a lot less than originally intended. She asks Coop to help cover up for her — a step that's bound to make the failing musician's life even more miserable than it already is. 

Surprisingly enough, Coop does accept the mighty task. Pulling what can only be described as the perfect poker face, she lets her classmates and friends believe that she was the killer all along. 

In "Who Shot Ya," we watch Coop head over to the police station to voluntarily hand herself in for a crime she hasn't even committed. However, once she arrives, she bumps into an old friend, Ruth, who tells that she couldn't have carried on any further. To save Coop's future, she reported herself. With this, the plot twist comes to its organic end.

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