Everyone Can Agree — There Was No Winner From the First Trump vs. Biden 2024 Debate

Anna Quintana - Author

Jun. 27 2024, Published 10:40 p.m. ET

Trump and Biden at 2024 debate
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Whether you are a Republican or Democrat, both sides can agree that the first presidential debate of 2024 was rough to watch. Both candidates were talking in circles, and it was pretty clear that an age limit should be implemented to the requirements to run for U.S. president.

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Despite the meme-worthy debate, viewers are curious about who "won" the debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Here is what critics (and social media) are saying about the performance of both presidential candidates.

Both sides seem to agree, there is no winner, and America is the loser.

biden debate
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Following a disappointing presidential debate, both sides of the aisle seemed to agree there was no debate winner, and that Americans were the ones who were going to suffer.

"The idea that there could be a winner for this debate means we're all losing!!!!!!!!!!!," one person tweeted before another added, "One thing is true from this debate, we all lose and there are no winners."

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A third chimed in, "Make no mistake, the only loser in this debate is the United States of America."

Our favorite tweet of the night: "OK if you don't live in the US, please turn the debate off. This is our private family humiliation, and we'd all prefer you not stare."

Political analysts also agree that both candidates were less than impressive.

trump debate
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Following the debate, political analysts called out both Trump and Biden for failing to impress on the debate stage.

"One Democratic source tells me it's hard to see how Biden can be the party's nominee for president. Another says he's 'incoherent.' They are wondering about his voice, his open-mouthed look, and the presentation contrast with Trump," Kasie Hunt, chief national affairs analyst at CNN, wrote.

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According to political commentator Greg Gutfield, "It doesn't matter what the answers are anymore. the debate demonstrates what we already knew: Biden is not fit to be president. It's sad that it had to come to this — to force this elderly man through this. And force us to watch. This is gross."

"I think Canada is the big winner of [tonight's] presidential debate," Nick Gillespie wrote.

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Celebrities also got into the conversation.

It seems everyone is concerned about the future of the country, with many celebrities reacting to the debate on social media.

Rapper Ja Rule wrote, "This can’t be our only choice of candidates… WTF." Youtuber Hasan Piker, tweeted, "This is first time a presidential debate will make people want to vote less."

NFL player Dez Bryant also tweeted about the debate, adding, "Bruh if y’all not watching Trump embarrass Biden in this debate… y’all missing out on pure comedy." He was joined by former NFL star Richard Griffin III, who added, "My God, this Presidential debate proves that we need younger presidential candidates."

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy chimed in, "I still can't believe Biden agreed to a debate."

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Even Stephen King had to get into the conversation, writing, "DEBATE NIGHT IN AMERICA! Sweet Jesus! The networks are packaging this as entertainment, like a boxing match, and selling democracy down the river. It's a shame."

So, who do you think won the debate?

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