Yes, You Can Block Someone on TikTok — Here's How


May 23 2023, Published 3:11 p.m. ET

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For content creators or other professionals, applications like TikTok have unveiled new means to expand their audiences on a global scale. However, TikTok's platform still requires some work. While its all-knowing algorithm tailors a personalized feed that's a bit too intimate, there's always the chance that TikTok users will have to distance themselves from other profiles for whatever reason.

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Whether you're trying to avoid someone you know or a persistent online troll won't leave you alone, it's important to be able to block someone's TikTok account. TikTok users lately have been having trouble performing what seems like it should be a basic task. So why are some people having trouble figuring out how to block profiles on TikTok?

Why can't I block on TikTok?

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Much like any other popular social media platform (and now some dating apps), you have the ability to block someone on TikTok. But a recent update has users wondering where the block feature went.

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"Can you not block people on TikTok anymore??" one Twitter user asked in May 2023.

"Why can’t I block people on TikTok anymore? Did they change how/where to do that?" another asked.

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While it is still possible to block profiles on TikTok, the app did change the process for how it's done. It's surprising that TikTok was not more vocal about the shift in the "block" feature.

But we're glad they didn't get rid of it altogether. Having the "block" button on the app is definitely reassuring and eases some concerns about how much control TikTok users have when hosting some form of presence on the app as worries around virtual privacy on the app continue to grow.

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Here's how to block someone on TikTok.

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If you or someone you know may feel unsafe while using TikTok, or there's a persistent user that just won't leave you alone, it may be time to reach for the "block" button. Blocking someone will restrict their access to your profile and content while only taking less than a minute of your time.

TikTok's instructions tell you to go to the person's profile, tap the three-dot icon in the top right corner of your screen, then touch "block" to follow the next steps presented.

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But for a lot of users, those three dots have disappeared. Instead, an arrow icon is in the same spot. Luckily, all you have to do to block a user is to hit that arrow and then hit "block." It's practically the same process, just without the three-dot icon.

How do I unblock someone on TikTok?

If you accidentally block someone and you're still on their profile, you can hit "unblock" under their name or go to the same arrow in the top right corner and hit "unblock" from there.

If you have moved away from their profile but you decide to unblock them, go to your profile page, hit the hamburger menu in the top right corner, and select "Settings and privacy." From there, click "Privacy," then "Blocked accounts," and you will see a list of your blocked accounts. From there, you can unblock them!

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