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Source: Instagram

Brittany Furlan Left Vine Because She Said It Was "Toxic" for Her


Brittany Furlan was Vine's most-watched female "Viner" at the height of her career, with over 10 million followers on the app and her most-watched Vine raking in over five billion loops.

If you frequented Vine at all, you probably saw the video at least a handful of times. Brittany looks at her small Weiner dog and opens her mouth in a mock scream, to which her dog sticks his snout in her mouth. 

The video was comedic gold while Vine was popular, and Brittany's following on the app rapidly grew.

But at the height of her career, she decided it was time to leave.

Why did Brittany leave Vine when her career was just getting started? She's featured on a new episode of E! True Hollywood Story where she reveals her decision to leave.