"I'm Not Gonna Be the Meat Anymore" — Charlie Left Chuckle Sandwich Back in 2022

Charlie Dalgleish aka Slimecicle was a co-host for the Chuckle Sandwich comedy podcast until June 2022.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Mar. 22 2024, Published 12:32 p.m. ET

Many content creators across the internet reach similar crossroads in their careers. They're often caught in an industry and a culture of one-upmanship and constant life updates as they continue sharing videos, podcasts, and streams under the guise of one persona or personality trait. Then there comes a time where they ask themselves whether or not they can continue to keep that up or seek out a change in their careers, even if that change leaves a lasting impact.

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The hosts of Chuckle Sandwich went through such a change back in 2022. The ongoing comedy podcast first emerged back in 2021 and was originally hosted by Ted Nivison, Johnathan Schlatt aka jschaltt, and Charlie Dalgleish aka Slimecicle. In each episode, the trio would discuss various topics while trying to add their own comedic spin to them.

After only a couple of years, however, Charlie announced his departure in 2022. But why did Charlie end up leaving Chuckle Sandwich? He was open about it.

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Charlie was open about his departure on his final episode of Chuckle Sandwich.

In Episode 54 of Chuckle Sandwich, which was posted in June 2022, the entire episode was dedicated to Charlie signing off from the podcast on a permanent basis. Leading up to his announcement, episodes were being released on an infrequent basis as Charlie discussed with his now-former co-hosts how to break the news to their fans. Though they spoke amicably about his leaving on the podcast, the official announcement was met with heavy emotions from the rest of the team.

At the time, Charlie admitted that he had plenty of irons in the fire alongside Chuckle Sandwich. He expressed his desire for more mental space to tackle his many side projects.

"I feel like I'm basically being yanked in all these different directions and I don't think that I can really adequately give these chucklers the time that they need."

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His co-hosts were wholly supportive of his decision, recognizing Charlie's passion for his other projects and encouraging him to pursue them at his own pace as he stepped down from his podcast hosting duties.

If nothing else, Charlie left Chuckle Sandwich while still on good terms with Ted and jschlatt. He was replaced by series producer Tucker Keane and the podcast continues posting new episodes to this day.

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Slimecicle's solo career has taken off.

In the years following his departure from Chuckle Sandwich, Charlie has worked under his online name "Slimecicle" on various other projects to great success. He runs an eponymous YouTube channel for gaming and comedic content, which currently has more than four million subscribers. His other channel, Just Roll With It, has nearly 200,000 subscribers as of this writing.

Charlie also runs a successful business called Slime Story, through which he sells adorable slime plushies. Portions of the purchases from his merch even go toward preserving forests, national parks, and wetlands all over the world.

There's been no love lost between Charlie and his former podcast co-hosts, but his career has certainly taken off in major ways since his departure.

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