Game Streamer Dantes Tries to Clear the Air Over His Controversial Breakup With Laura

"It's time I clear up a misconception," he tweeted.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Jun. 25 2024, Published 11:59 a.m. ET

By now, it's become something of a cautionary tale to say that streaming video games is harder than it looks. Once upon a time, many of us would have leaped at the chance to be able to make a substantial living from playing video games in front of an audience all while streaming live from the comfort of our own homes. However, streamers seem to have the worst luck, often being unable to separate their constant online schedules with their IRL drama, letting most of their dirty laundry air out in public.

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Dantes finds himself on the receiving end of the worst that streaming has to offer after his breakup in 2024. The popular streamer has been active on Twitch since 2019, having first garnered popularity by playing games like League of Legends. As of this writing, he has over 991,000 followers on Twitch and several thousand more followers on YouTube and Instagram. Unfortunately, he's been in damage control mode following his breakup and has tried to clear the air over what happened between him and his girlfriend.

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Why did Dantes and Laura break up?

Dantes started dating fellow streamer Laura (aka laurinchhhe) back in 2023. Folks first caught wind of his relationship that October when he tweeted on X, showing off two photos of him and Laura on a date. Unfortunately, their relationship would only last a few months.

Later on June 19, 2024, Dantes posted news about his breakup.

In his lengthy tweet, he claimed that he was "not ready for a relationship" and stated from the start that he would always put his career first.

"She did everything to accommodate me after that fact," Dantes wrote. "The problem is, however, that relationships are about compromise. Seeing her taking steps in her own life and career in order to support me while I was unwilling and unable to do the same for her is just something that, over time, took its toll on me mentally."

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Shortly after, however, fellow streamer Julian aka Tarzaned accused Dantes of a much worse story concerning his breakup. In a now-deleted livestream, Tarzaned accused Dantes of staying home and choosing to stream League of Legends instead of accompanying Laura to Germany to get an abortion after she had become pregnant one month after her relationship with Dantes went public.

After the Twitch community exploded over the revelation, Dantes has attempted to clear the air over the controversy.

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With Laura's permission, he disclosed more details about their decision to have an abortion. At the time, he had resolved to be in Germany with her during the procedure all while preparing to host a large-scale League of Legends tournament. However, a timing mixup pushed the date of the procedure back a few weeks, creating a scheduling conflict between the surgery and Dantes' tournament. At the time, Laura allegedly gave him her blessing to return home to Canada and host the tournament during her surgery.

Folks are still divided over the breakup, with some backlash now being pointed toward Tarzaned for having called out Dantes in the first place. However, Dantes now has a few moresupporters on his side after sharing his side of the story. Tarzaned has also issued an apology statement following the accusations.

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