FaZe Banks's Net Worth May Increase Following Changes to FaZe Clan

"We're cutting all kinds of people. We're cutting the roster down significantly," FaZe Banks said of FaZe Clan.

Sara Belcher - Author

Apr. 30 2024, Published 6:58 p.m. ET

Esports group and content creation house FaZe Clan has been on a significant rollercoaster ride since its creation in 2010. The group has seen a plethora of creators come and go, with some leaving of their own accord and spilling about the drama behind the scenes, while others were kicked out of the group.

FaZe Clan's founder and CEO, FaZe Banks, has seen his fair of drama and controversy over the years. But despite the negativity following him, he continues to be successful. What's his net worth?

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What is FaZe Banks's net worth?

Banks was the man behind the creation of one of the most well-recognized esports groups, FaZe Clan — but he actually doesn't own the company. According to a recent Instagram post made by the influencer, he was written out of the company early on in its lifespan and has only recently gained ownership.

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"10 years of stress and anxiety and being fkd around. 10 years of sleepless nights tossing and turning wondering if I’d ever get what was owed to me. 10 years worth of votes, decisions, moves made that I wasn’t a part of and had no say in," he wrote. "I’ve never had a real say in anything FaZe has ever done. How crazy is that? And finally, after years and years of struggle and stress, I got my company back."

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Banks is currently worth around $13 million. Much of this wealth seems to come from his independent channels (which are connected to the FaZe Clan brand) and his individual business ventures and partnerships outside of his eponymous content group. That said, it seems as though Banks officially has a bigger share of FaZe Clan now, so expect this number to change as a result of the brand's recent reboot.

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Richard "FaZe Banks" Bengtson

Content Creator and FaZe Clan CEO

Net worth: $13 million

Richard "FaZe Banks" Bengtson rose to prominence online through his gaming videos, eventually starting CloutGang before becoming the CEO of FaZe Clan. He was also known for his internet feud with Jake Paul after he started dating Jake's ex Alissa Violet.

Birthdate: Oct. 18, 1991

Birthplace: Lawrence, Mass.

Birth name: Richard Bengtson

Relationship Status: In a relationship

FaZe Clan is changing its image — and FaZe Banks has some big plans.

Though FaZe Clan has grown to be one of the biggest esports and content creation groups online right now, the brand's focus has become incredibly muddled as its expanded. At its peak, FaZe Clan reportedly employed around 140 people — but the group now only consists of about 30 employees.

In an interview with Drama Alert, Banks shared that FaZe Clan is getting an overhaul, and part of that has been significantly cutting down its roster.

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"We're cutting all kinds of people. We're cutting the roster down significantly," he said. "We had something like 140 employees this time last year, I think we have 30 right now. I want to cut that down even further to like 10."

But firing people isn't the only focus of the brand's redesign. He said that the brand is going to focus on gaming again, narrowing down its clients to a select few who fit the direction Faze Clan is taking.

"I firmly believe that as long as the brand is taken care of, as long as the people who are part of the brand, that roster of 10 people, are all on the same page, have the same focus, have the same vision, and are incentivized the right way — like us paying members to put FaZe in their name and have that be the relationship, it doesn't work," he said.

Depending on how this redesign goes, Banks could find more money in his pocket if the choices become lucrative.

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