Texas Woman's House Is Basically Sinking so She's Gonna Try Watering It

If you thought watering your lawn was tedious, what if you had to water your entire house? That's what happens in Texas, where everything is bigger.

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Aug. 24 2023, Published 10:49 a.m. ET

The stars at night are big bright, deep in the heart of Texas. The stars may show up every night but the weather in The Lone Star State is not nearly as consistent. According to Texas Monthly, "You could start your day in Texas bundled up in a winter coat, drive for 10 hours, and then strip down to a bathing suit and hop in the pool — all without ever leaving the state." As someone who is either too hot or too cold, this would stress me out.

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Another hallmark of Texas is the extreme heat. Throughout July and August, temperatures regularly sit at 100 degrees or higher which is incredibly difficult to exist in. I usually tap out at 85 degrees. Don't invite me anywhere outside if it's above that. Droughts are common and water is basically currency. And as one woman is learning, if you live in Texas you might have to water yourself and your house. They say home is where the heart is but in Texas, it's where the heat is.

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This Texas homeowner says you should be watering your house.

Ashley Evans, who goes by @knottymama on TikTok, has found a new and exciting way that owning a home can really complicate one's life. The Texas homeowner took to TikTok in order to share some crucial information she learned. If you live in the Beef State, you're gonna need to water your house.

Ashley lives south of Houston where it's "super hot" and the humidity is a curse from the Gods. It's a learning curve for her. "I did not know you need to water your house, but you need to water your house," she says. "Let me show you why."

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The camera pivots over to the foundation of her home which is cracked and pulling away from the ground. I screamed and tried to throw lotion onto my screen. In order to combat this, Ashley bought a soaker hose and suggests only watering at night. Apparently 20 minutes should do it, but Ashley is gonna get her house wet n' wild for a full hour.

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Despite just having the house painted, there are already terrifying cracks in the brick. "Apparently this was already here," claims Ashley's husband. It's just that the house is settling so it's "getting worse." Don't we all know by now it's never OK to settle? Unless you're settling down after making too many ridiculous decisions in your 20s.

Also Ashley's grass is shrinking away from the sidewalk by her home, as if it's a vampire who has encountered a single ray of sunlight in an otherwise dark castle. I can practically feel the soil baring its fangs at the concrete. This doesn't look safe!

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"It's bad. It's really bad," says Ashley stating the obvious. The ground around the back of the house is "sinking," and honestly looks like a game of Tetris. "But just wait, it gets worse," Ashley assures us. How could it get worse? Her home is on its way to the center of the Earth.

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A concrete slab they had poured within the last five years is cracked in several places. No amount of water could fix this. There are bigger issues at hand. Also not to bring up the environment, but do people have enough water to just use it on their house? Perhaps folks shouldn't be living in a place where cracked homes are the norm.

The most upsetting part of this entire story is when Ashley discovered her daughter's light switch cover was warped and there was moisture behind it. Evidently this is due to the fact that on the other side of her bedroom wall, you can see clearly beneath the house. I'm not sure what one has to do with the other, but I am sure this house is unwell.

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A TikTok commenter saying that if houses in Houston don't a foundation issues, they will eventually
Source: TikTok/@theknottymama

Ashley doesn't need water. She needs a structural engineer.

"As a structural engineer who works on foundation repair, please call a local engineer," replied an actual structural engineer. This was echoed by several other commenters who all agree that a structural assessment is needed. "We're on top it!" replied Ashley. She better be because her house is about to be under it, and it is the ground.

In the meantime, should Ashley water her house? Simon Wallace, the owner of Quality Foundation Repair in Austin, told KUT there is "no evidence that this actually works." It can actually make things worse by causing more shifting. While I love living in a fluid world, some things need to stay put.

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