Hulk Hogan's Ex-Wife Got Herself Banned From All Elite Wrestling Forever

Find out why both Hulk Hogan and his ex-wife were banned from AEW following a controversial tweet about the protests over George Floyd's death.


Jun. 3 2020, Updated 11:41 a.m. ET

Sometimes it's better to not tweet. Hulk Hogan and his ex-wife Linda have both been banned from All Elite Wrestling for life. Tony Khan, the company's CEO and president announced the move on Twitter after Linda posted a now-deleted tweet that made references to the protests happening around the country in the wake of George Floyd's death.

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Why are Hulk Hogan and ex-wife Linda banned from AEW?

In the tweet, Linda wrote that she had been watching the protests, which sometimes involved violence and looting. "Watching the looting, it's all afro Americans, not sure how robbing and stealing set the record straight but if they want to be heard they need to be civilized," she commented. Tony's response was swift and firm, and it left little room for ambiguity. 

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"You’ve now joined your husband in being banned from all AEW shows. Congratulations," Tony wrote. It's unclear whether Hulk's banning is directly related to the tweet. In fact, many suspect that it has more to do with racially insensitive comments that the wrestler has made in the past. 

What has Hulk said in the past?

In a 2015 tape, Hulk was heard saying a number of racial slurs. He was discussing a man he believed might be romantically involved with his daughter and referred to him using the slurs. At the time, Hulk was fired from the WWE and scrubbed from its Hall of Fame. In 2018, Hulk returned to the company and was reinstated to the Hall of Fame. His return was accompanied by an apology, which was filmed in the WWE locker room. 

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Hulk's return to the organization was met with derision and criticism. At the time, WWE champion Kofi Kingston raised some concerns about the WWE's decision. “On a personal level, when someone makes racist and hateful comments about any race or group of people, especially to the degree that Hogan made about our people, we find it difficult to simply forget, regardless of how long ago it was, or the situation in which those comments were made," Kofi said.

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Kofi continued, saying that the best approach is usually to turn the other cheek. “But we also do not respond with more feelings of hate. Instead, we just do not associate with the people who convey or have conveyed this negative and hurtful mindset," he continued. 

AEW has positioned itself as a more progressive organization.

While Hulk may have been welcomed back to WWE, it seems AEW considers itself to be more progressive than its pro wrestling counterpart. That may explain why Tony felt so confident in banning the famous wrestler and his ex-wife for life. The organization has tried to integrate more African American athletes into its organization, and into its leadership structure. 

Thus far, although the organization has worked to be more progressive, all but one of its champions have been white. The league has only existed for a year, and it remains to be seen whether it will ultimately succeed in becoming the more progressive wrestling organization that it believes itself to be. 

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