Fans Are Not Buying Justin Timberlake's Apology to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson

Tatayana Yomary - Author

Feb. 15 2021, Updated 11:12 a.m. ET

Singer Justin Timberlake
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The truth is, life is filled with various double standards between men and women. From relationships, navigating the workplace, parenting and more, there’s no denying the harsh truth. While many women have tried to work against double standards, it never seems to really work in their favor. And the entertainment industry is proof.

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In case you didn't know, singer Justin Timberlake aka JT, is another man who has benefited from double standards throughout his career. And while he has come to realize his privilege and has been apologizing to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson, many people are wondering why now. And the question is a fair one to ask. 

Why is Justin Timberlake apologizing to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson?

When you think of JT, some of the things that come to mind are his past relationship with Britney Spears and the infamous wardrobe malfunction with Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl in 2004. And while those things are clearly old news, there is no denying how it impacted Britney and Janet's careers. 

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justin timberlake
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That said, after the Framing Britney documentary hit our small screens and fans shared their disgust for his actions that led to the pop star's downfall, JT sprung into action with an apology. And not only to her — but to Janet — which a lot of people felt was a long-time coming in light of how these women were viewed in the media. 

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In his lengthy apology, the "Cry Me a River" singer noted falling short in moments where people "benefited from a system that condones misogyny and racism."

“I am deeply sorry for the times in my life where my actions contributed to the problem, where I spoke out of turn, or did not speak up for what was right," he wrote. "I understand that I fell short in these moments and in many others and benefited from a system that condones misogyny and racism."

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“I specifically want to apologize to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson both individually, because I care for and respect these women and I know I failed,” he continued.

And if you're not familiar with what happened, let's refresh your memory. Justin and Britney famously dated years ago as their careers were blossoming. Once their relationship ended, he publicly said that he slept with her and accused her of cheating on him. Naturally, that caused the media and paparazzi to treat her poorly, while he looked like the victim.

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As for Janet, JT's misstep was during their Super Bowl 2004 performance. He pulled on her outfit and exposed her breast, which caused the public to go ballistic. The incident even caused "an investigation by the Federal Communication Commission," per Variety. Janet was publicly trashed for the performance, while JT seemingly got off scot-free.

Fans are upset with Justin Timberlake because they feel that it's a little too late to apologize.

There is a popular saying — better late than never — but it doesn't hold true in this situation with JT. While it is great that the singer has apologized to Britney and Janet, it hasn't stopped fans from annihilating him via social media. 

After all, his actions left both women to deal with harsh consequences. 

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Not to mention, both women's careers took a beating after their respective situations with the star. And while it seems as if some thought went into his apology, fans are not buying it — especially since many people feel that his apology is generic and only scratches the surface of the impact he had on these women. 

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Since misogyny and racism has been running rampant in the industry for years, it's hard for fans to get past it. The worst thing about the situation is that women have always received the short end of the stick in the industry because of it.

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It's easy to say that celebrities can bounce back from their mistakes. After all, everyone loves a comeback story. However, that may not be the case for JT. Since it took him years to apologize to Britney and Janet, that's not something the public will forget. 

Not to mention, it looks like the only reason why he's apologizing is because fans have been calling him out. And any sincere and genuine apology comes from the heart, without having to be bullied into giving it.

To make matters even worse, neither Britney nor Janet has responded to his public apology, which many fans have taken into account. 

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