No, Ranboo Isn't Actually Banned From the Minecraft Championships

Gina Vaynshteyn - Author

Apr. 14 2021, Updated 10:21 p.m. ET

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If you dabble in the gaming world, then you've probably heard whispers about Minecraft YouTuber Ranboo (the guy in the sunglasses and black and white mask) getting "banned" from the MCC (Minecraft Championships).

You've likely come across tweets or reddit threads about Ranboo getting banned for allegedly sending a joke. Confused? It's because the whole thing is essentially one, very long-running joke. Still confused? We'll explain.

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Why is Ranboo banned from the Minecraft Championships?

Ranboo isn't actually banned from MCC, but was jokingly "banned" after Smajor, who's the organizer of MCC, said "Can we ban Ranboo from everything? I think it's only fair at this point," during Tubbo's stream chat — but it was completely as a joke. 

Ranboo had emailed the MCC saying "I have clout, please" after he tweeted, "600 retweets and I'll email @MCChampionship_ the words 'I have clout. Please.'" 

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MCC responded on Twitter, saying, "Hi Ranboo, Thank you for your email... Good luck in all your future endeavors. Sincerely, MCC." 

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Ranboo replied to MCC by tweeting, "Hello MCC, I am very confused.  Am I banned? Kind regards, Ranboo." Seemingly, this was all in good fun.

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According to one redditor, Ranboo's letter to MCC was actually "the nicest letter they had received so far," sharing, "Yeah also in the admin stream for MCC 11 noxcrew actually talked about ranboo's letter for consideration. Apparently it was a bit longer than what he had shown in his tweet, and the admins stated it was actually the nicest letter they had recieved [sic] so far. So yeah the back and forth exchange is all in good fun lol."

Source: Reddit
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Another redditor confirmed that Ranboo getting "banned" was just a joke. 

reddit banned
Source: Reddit
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If you go on Twitter, you'll see fans who are trying to clear up the "rumor" that Ranboo is banned. "!!! GUYS RANBOO ISNT ACTUALLY BANNED FROM MCC ITS AN ONGOING JOKE !!!" one person wrote.

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"I've seen a few confused ppl on my tl heads up !! the Ranboo banned from MCC thing is a long-running joke he has with the MCC team from when he begged to be added and they brushed him off so he started saying that and it stuck, he's not banned ^^," another person pointed out. 

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The jokes involving Ranboo's MCC ban are still pretty funny though:

"why you should stan ranboo and not dream:  

•doesn’t stream at super super crazy times
•cool dono and sub sounds
•wins karls smp tales games
•mcc banned him because he was too swag"

Another joke is that Tubbo at one point "blocked" Ranboo (back in October 2020), but this also seemed like a joke after Ranboo got cheeky during a stream. After Tubbo blocked him, Ranboo tweeted, "I would apologize to tubbo on here but HE WONT BE ABLE TO SEE IT."

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This was why Ranboo was "blocked." Again, just a joke!

You can find Ranboo's videos on his YouTube page, where he has 1.86 million subscribers. 

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