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Source: Mojang

Is 'Minecraft' Really Shutting Down? Why Would the Popular Game End?


Minecraft is a pretty simple game, created by Swedish developer Mojang. It's sustained widespread popularity for years and, to date, has about 480 million players all around the globe. There are even tons of YouTubers who make a living basically streaming themselves playing this game.

So why in the world is it reportedly shutting down? It's available on a variety of different consoles and platforms and has a ridiculously active base of players, after all.

Fans of the long-running title expressed concerns over a Dec. 21, 2020 shut down report, meaning that they've got less than a year to play out their wildest virtual block-building and hammer and pickaxe fantasies. But is the report legit?

Minecraft story mode discontinued.

It seems like a lot of this server shutdown hysteria was propelled by the game's decision to pull its story mode support.