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Source: Colleen Hayes/NBC

Here's Why 'The Good Place' Is Ending With Season 4


I know it forking sucks, but the current season of The Good Place, which premiered at the end of September on NBC, is also the last. It seemed like a sudden decision, given the fact that the show has been universally acclaimed and has pulled in respectable ratings for a network comedy. Usually, when a comedy has a fan base as sizable and loyal as this, a network would want to keep it going as long as possible, not throw in the towel with just over 50 episodes.

So, then why is The Good Place ending?

Turns out, it wasn't NBC but creator Mike Schur who decided when it was time to bring the story to an end. When the show's renewal was announced in June, Schur released a statement explaining it would be the last, and what led to that decision. "After The Good Place was picked up for Season 2, the writing staff and I began to map out, as best we could, the trajectory of the show,' he wrote.