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Millennials Rejoice! It Looks Like the ‘Hercules’ Remake *Will* Have Music



When the news came out Disney was going to make a live-action Mulan movie, many die-hard fans were wondering if there were going to be songs in the movie like “Make a Man Out Of You” and “A Girl Worth Fighting For.” Many were left disappointed when it was confirmed that none of the songs from the 1998 animated film, Mulan, were going to be in the 2020 version.

Unlike previous live-action Disney remakes such as Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin, the cast of the new Mulan did not perform the songs from the beloved animated original.

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News recently broke that Disney is working to make a live-action version of the 1997 animated film, Hercules. Excited fans cannot wait to see who is cast in the film and if the script will follow the Disney storyline. Mostly, Disney fans are worried about if the live-action remake will have the songs from the original film, unlike Mulan

‘Hercules’ follows a story from Greek mythology.

The original Disney film was released in 1997 by Walt Disney Animation Studios. Hercules, voiced by Tate Donovan, is snatched as a baby by Hades, voiced by James Woods and forced to live among mortals as a half-man, half-god. 

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When he becomes a teenager, Hercules needs to perform a rite of passage on Earth to prove himself worthy of living with the gods. With his sidekick, Philoctetes, voiced by Danny DeVito, Hercules must learn how to use his strength to defeat a series of evil creatures.

The live-action ‘Hercules' will be released in theaters.

The Hercules live-action remake is expected to be a theatrical release, not a Disney+ original, like Lady and the Tramp, according to sources.

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The Hollywood Reporter states that Disney has hired Dave Callaham, the action-writer who created The Expendables franchise and also wrote Marvel’s upcoming Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, to write the script. They also reported that Joe and Anthony Russo, the filmmakers behind the Avengers: Endgame and Infinity War, are set to produce. 

The film is expected to feature songs from the original animated film.

Good news! It looks like there will be songs featured in the new version of Hercules. According to The DisInsider, the film will feature songs from the original 1997 version and some new songs.

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Fan-favorite songs like “Go the Distance” and “Zero to Hero”, while not confirmed to be in the film yet, would really pander to the nostalgia in every millennial excited to see this film. 

Fans have already started picking their dream cast.

After her performance of “I Won’t Say I’m In Love” during the ABC's Disney Family Singalong earlier this month, many fans have pegged Ariana Grande to play Meg. Danny DeVito's name has also popped up frequently as a non-negotiable recast since fans want him to reprise his role as Phil.

As for Pain and Panic, the two henchmen of Hades, many are loving the idea of the comedy duo, Key and Peele, taking those roles on. There is no release date or production date on the Hercules project, but the original 1997 movie is available on Disney Plus to keep you occupied in the meantime.

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