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Source: Disney

So...Is the Live-Action Remake of 'Mulan' Going to Be a Musical or Not?


Disney got down to business this Sunday by dropping the first teaser for the live-action remake of Mulan. Fans would psyched to see the new movie pay homage to the 1998 film with scenes of Mulan getting ready for the matchmaker and telling her parents, "Yes, I will bring honor to us all." While the matchmaker says "Quiet, composed, graceful, disciplined; these are the qualities we see in a good wife, these are the qualities we see in Mulan," the trailer shows action shots of Mulan training for battle. Even though the trailer is perfect in almost every single way, it's still missing one major thing: Music. But is it really worth fighting for?

Will the new Mulan have musical numbers in it?

Songs like "Honor to Us All," "I'll Make a Man Out of You," and a "A Girl Worth Fighting For" *made* our childhood, so to think that the remake of Mulan won't have any of these is just not right. But we'll have to deal, because according to Screenrant, the 2020 remake won't be a musical. Instead of singing, Screenrant says that the songs "will be presented as instrumental versions," which we can already hear a bit of in the trailer.