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Source: syfy

Will You #FightforWynonna? Here’s Everything We Know About the Future of ‘Wynonna Earp’


When does Wynonna Earp come back for a fourth Season on SYFY? Although it seemed like filming another series of episodes was pretty much a done deal at San Diego Comic Con 2018, there hasn't been any new information on the future of the program. No premiere date. No filming or even hints at pre-production planning. And fans are chomping at the bit to learn new info about the status of the show.

In fact, there's even been billboards erected in Times Square, N.Y. thanking "Earpers" for their love of the series, and the #FightForWynonna hashtag's been trending on Twitter in an attempt to get some answers as to when Season 4 is going to air.

The show's lead, Melanie Scrofano, tweeted back in February that even her and the show's production crew have no idea when the next season is going to air.