“You Love ME?” — Woman Doesn’t Remember Boyfriend After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Following wisdom teeth removal, one woman didn’t recognize her long-term boyfriend. However, her reaction to seeing him couldn’t have been sweeter.

Haylee Thorson - Author

Jul. 14 2023, Published 2:41 p.m. ET

There’s no shortage of hilarious videos about wisdom teeth removal aftermath circulating the internet.

Anesthesia can make one feel incredibly loopy, and the remarks one makes while recovering from the drug can range from innocent to completely outlandish.

And in a viral two-part video series posted by TikTok creator Isa (@isabellannesmith), her experience after going under for her wisdom teeth procedure was the former.

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Following the surgery, Isa didn’t recognize her boyfriend of three years. However, her reaction to seeing him in person couldn’t have been sweeter.

Here’s what happened.

A woman sitting in a car after getting her wisdom teeth removed
Source: TikTok/@isabellannesmith
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A woman didn’t remember her boyfriend after her wisdom teeth removal.

In part one of her viral video series, Isa’s mother recorded her daughter’s reaction to seeing her boyfriend Joey after undergoing a wisdom tooth extraction.

When her mom asked if Isa remembered her partner, she hesitantly replied, “I think so.”

Meanwhile, Joey was waiting outside the door of the passenger seat of the car the two women were sitting in.

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Isa’s mother then informed her daughter that she did have a boyfriend, to which the creator gasped, “I do?” Upon turning her head and seeing Joey standing by the car’s window, Isa squealed and noted how “cute” he was.

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And her reaction got even better when Joey opened the door and greeted her.

“You’re so pretty!” Isa exclaimed when she laid eyes on her boyfriend of three years. “You have pretty eyes,” she gushed.

After returning the compliment to his girlfriend, Joey told Isa he loved her. Her response? “You love me? Awww.”

And after the anesthesia wore off and the creator edited the clip, she offered her thoughts about the adorable situation. “I got my wisdom teeth out and had a whole crush on my boyfriend of almost three years,” Isa wrote in the video.

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The boyfriend’s sweet reaction to his girlfriend’s wisdom teeth removal touched social media.

Naturally, the comment section’s collective hearts were bursting at the seams upon viewing the creator’s viral wisdom teeth removal video.

“Him talking to her so sweetly and her oooing over him…I love it,” one person wrote.

Another wrote, “‘You love me?’ Awe omg,” followed by a crying emoji. And in part two of Isa’s viral video series, people saw even more of the couples’ wholesome dynamic.

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In her second TikTok, the creator shared a clip of a dental professional and Joey handing her a bag filled with get-well-soon goodies.

Following Isa’s precious interaction with her boyfriend, her mother proceeded to film even more of the creator’s wisdom teeth recovery.

When her mom jokingly told Isa that she was a movie star, she immediately believed mom and asked if Joey and the dental assistant were aware of her Hollywood status.

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A woman in a car with her mom after getting her wisdom teeth removed
Source: TikTok/@isabellannesmith

After Isa’s mother assured her they knew, she gasped and asked her mom what movie she had been in. Her response? “Uh,” followed by cutting the camera.

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At the end of the video, the creator prefaced that she had asked her mom to pretend she was supposed to have a British accent after her wisdom teeth extraction.

When her mom mentioned it, Isa nervously asked, “Should I? Oh no…”

Well, if one thing is certain, this is one wisdom teeth removal reaction we’ll never forget.

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