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Doctors Share the Best Things Loopy Patients Have Said on Anesthesia


In high school, I had jaw surgery. I remember meeting the anesthesiologist, who asked me if I was a Mets fan or a Yankees fan (I'm from New York and I'm a Mets fan for life). Then I remember him telling me to count backward from 100. I got to 98, and that's it. Don't remember anything else. Hours later, I woke up puking in a recovery room. My parents were there. A while after, I woke up again and went home in a daze. I don't think I said anything particularly silly or inappropriate because I know my parents would still be making fun of me to this day if I had.

But plenty of people say some weird stuff when they're loopy. And it is always reliably funny. In a recent Ask Reddit thread, anesthesiologists, doctors, nurses, and former patients share the craziest things they've heard or said while going under or coming out of anesthesia. 

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Doc___2020 had a live one recently! The patient had just had ankle surgery and was being wheeled out of the hospital in a wheelchair. The anesthesiologist accidentally knocked the door frame on the way out, and the patient asked, "Did you just do surgery on my leg?" The doctor replied, "Yes, you had surgery and are waking up from it." So the patient goes, "Then why are you running into things?" Sick burn, Loopy McGee!!